Frequently asked questions regarding video surveillance.

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What is a Lux?

A lux is a measurement of light intensity hitting or passing through a surface. A derived unit based on lumen, one lux is equal to one lumen per square meter or one footcandle (lumen per square foot) equals ten lux.

If i want infrared images, do I need to buy multiple infrared cameras?

Not necessarily. If you have an infrared illuminator active in the area to be monitored, any decent infrared camera can create the images you want.

Can a quad show each camera individually upon playback of the recording?

No. Only a multiplexer can do that. A multiplexer is a device that makes it possible for several signals to share one device or resource. 

Can I record footage from my security camera onto my home VCR?

Yes. But due to the volume  of video streaming through, recording your footage from your security camera onto your home VCR may be difficult  to pinpoint incriminating evidence. Instead, try using an alarm VCR or an auto-recording DVR. Both of these devices will greatly reduce the length of video to sort through.

Is it legal to use the microphone installed on some spy cameras?

No. Using the microphone on a spy camera is not legal. It is legal to use the spy camera in security situations, but not the microphone that is installed on it. Please adhere to this warning BEFORE you take someone to court.

How much force am I allowed to use in a self-defense situation?

Just enough to end the threat to yourself or loved ones. Anything more than that may be considered excessive and subject to penalties in a court of law.